Friday, August 12, 2011


Some of the delightful things I love, love, love about summertime include...
  • Long days (lots of light)
  • Morning light (especially in my gardens - everything looks almost ethereal)
  • Midnight walks (I'm always amazed at how many people are up so late)
  • Flowers, all colors, shapes, sizes
  • The fragrance of honeysuckle as it's carried to my windows on slight southern breezes
  • The smell of fresh cut lawns
  • Shade, especially from our very own trees
  • Tomatoes from our garden...delightfully delicious
Delightful things I've especially enjoyed this summer have been...
  • Mild temperatures
  • Working from home
  • Time spent with family and friends
  • A mini church history tour to Martin's Cove
  • Dates and test driving cars with my sweet husband
  • Sleepover with our grand-children and daughter-in-law
  • Visit from our Colorado granddaughters and their parents
  • Splish splash fun at Cherry Hill with the sleepover gang
  • The arrival of our newest and littlest grandchild... Link Gardner Bagley
Life is delightful!

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Heather said...

those are some wonderful summer things