Saturday, August 13, 2011

Double Delight

This morning it occurred to me...

I didn't include my reunion with my sweet friend Jayne Stout Macpherson!

Now that was double delightful!

Jayne and I met while we were both living in Germany in the 70s.  Although we lived quite a distance apart, (she lived with her brother and his family and I was living with my parents) we were in the same ward.  Being some of the few single girls of the ward, we had lots and lots of fun at single adult activities, single adult FHE, and jaunts around the continent.

Jayne met and married one of the single adult guys from our ward, had their first child while living there and then Dale was transferred.  We tried keeping in touch but eventually lost touch.

Thanks to the Internet, we reconnected earlier this year!

In July, Jayne and her two youngest daughters, Sara and Allison, travelled from Arizona to Utah for family reunions, mission homecomings, EFY and other fun stuff.  One of those days they came up to visit me and took me to lunch.

It was so fun reconnect, reminiscing and catching up on each others lives.  It was almost as if we'd never lost touch.

Jayne is still the same happy, positive, giving, caring friend she was all those years ago.

Sara and Allison are so much like their Mom in those same ways, too.

The only way our visit could have been better would have been if our time together were longer and our husbands could have met each other.

Hopefully we'll be able to schedule another visit sometime soon.  Although, she has a very, very busy life.  I feel lazy when I think about all she and her family have going on...

Thank you so much for coming to visit me Jayne.  It was a double delight, indeed.

I love you!

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