Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tattling Toddlers

Is there anything cuter than tattling toddlers?

Usually, we don't know exactly what they are saying, we can only smile and chuckle to ourselves while trying to acknowledge or fix the cause of their dismay.

A few weeks ago while visiting Paul & Heather at their new house (yes, they are homeowners!) Grandpa was doing what Grandpa loves best...

Rough housing with his grandchildren.

The feelings are mutual, I might add :)

Being the responsible and concerned Grandpa that he is, when Little Jesse (19 months) seemed to be getting a little over heated from all the rough housing, Grandpa stopped and helped Jesse take off his outer shirt.

Off Jesse toddled, to tattle to his Mommy!

Tattling, tattling, tattling until Mommy helped him put his shirt on.

Back he went to resume his rough housing with Grandpa!

A few days ago, upon returning from a visit to Lake Point, Laura, being the good and polite Mama that she is, helped Miss Delia (18 months) take off her shoes.

Off Delia toddled, to tattle on Mama!

Tattling, tattling, tattling while holding up her little foot, I really got an ear full.

After I empathized with her she seemed content and toddled off, to go about her business!

Grandchildren are the best!

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