Saturday, November 6, 2010

Upstairs, Downstairs?





On my clean floors

I feel my feet glide!

Whenever I 'do housework', I'm always in a quandary about where to begin.

If I start upstairs and work my way down......

When traipsing up and down the stairs, Val and I will surely bring the downstairs dirt, scraps of paper, lint, etc... upstairs.

Ditto for the opposite.

If I don't sweep the garage floor and vacuum the rug, first, all that dirt, sawdust, leaves, etc... comes inside.

Naturally, if I don't sweep the front steps all the dirt, bits of bark and leaves find their way into my freshly cleaned house.

Of course, the best answer to this befuddling dilemma is to take off our shoes when entering the house... well I do! But my sweet husband, that's another challenge.

Then there is always the ongoing challenge of bits of paper attaching themselves to our feet, shod or not, traveling upstairs and sticking to my just vacuumed or swept and dusted floors.


A potential solution to this challenge would be for my cute husband to learn to do the computer version of cut and paste rather than the literal version of cut and paste.

Convincing him to take off his shoes when coming inside would definitely be easier!

Oh, how I wish my feet could happily glide on clean floors each and every day!

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Kimberlee St. Clair said...

I completely agree...except, I have that problem with the four children who walk...and my husband...Oh, how I wish, just once a year, that my house was perfectly clean...and I wasn't the one who cleaned it!