Thursday, March 4, 2010

Split Affections

Have you ever seen the movie Split Infinity? It is a Feature Family Films movie produced in 1992. Some of my nieces, and maybe my nephew, were extras in the movie. A portion of the movie was filmed on location in Layton, in this really neat house on Gentile Street. The title of my post reminded me of that movie. Random thoughts are fun sometimes!

On to split affections.... my affections really aren't split. I love, love, love all of my grand-children. However, occasionally, rarely - really, our time is split and we miss out on special dates or occasions while enjoying time with our other grand-children.

Case in Point: Last month I had the opportunity to go and spend some time with Laura and her family in Colorado and had a gay old time! The timing was perfect for Brian & Laura to enjoy an evening out with each other and some of Brian's Air Force associates while I stayed home with Kellie and Delia.

We did have a gay old time, the girls and I. Kellie and I watched a movie and shared popcorn while Delia snoozed. When she woke up, Delia was hungry and in need of her Mama.

Laura (the beautiful Belle of the evening) missed her dinner of London Broil with all the trimmings and came home to feed Delia. She returned to her date with Brian while the girls and I resumed our Girl's Night In!

Unfortunately, due to flight schedules and availability, I had to return home on Abbi's 5th birthday, which meant we missed her birthday party.

Although we missed her party on her actual birthday, we made up for it and visited Abbi and her family a week later. We were able to see their new home with lots of new hiding places to play hide-n-seek and went to dinner at the Brick Oven in Provo. Dinner was disappointing but not the company!

As a birthday gift for Miss Abbi, Grandpa chose a Princess Book. Each of the Princesses were represented with their cling style wardrobes.

Naturally, Abbi chose to play dress-up with her Princesses.

Let me tell you, those Princesses have quite the wardrobe... dresses, gowns, shawls, wraps, shoes, gloves, tiaras, accessories galore!

You know, Abbi is as beautiful as the Princesses in her book...piercing blue eyes, shiny blonde hair and sweet smile.

Now we just need to work on our timing of presenting the gift.

Little Abbi was so enthralled with her new book she barely ate a bite of her dinner.

Meanwhile, Kacen had fun climbing on the back of Grandpa's chair and got a bump on his cute little forehead to prove it. Boys! They are so rough and tumble, aren't they?

Jesse was content to hang close to his Mommie while taking in all of the activity around him and the food his Mommie shared with him.

All the while, Miss Alona and I worked on her activity sheet finding all of the hidden objects and writing in cursive. Alona! Such a seeker of learning.

If you go by birth dates and school cut-off dates, Alona should be in the first grade. But she's not. She is in the second grade as of about a month ago. Here we are at a restaurant, in Provo, and she asked me to write a line from her activity sheet in cursive. So I did. She copied me and it looked great, even though she is left handed.

While complimenting her on how well she did, I mentioned that it was especially great because as a left-hander she had the more difficult task of writing in cursive. As a leftie she has to push the writing instrument (I really said crayon or pencil or pen) instead of pulling it like we righties get to do. Her response... "I don't think it's hard."

Well, of course she doesn't think it's hard. She's Alona Bagley!

It's always fun to spend time with our children and grand-children, even though we have to split our time, sometimes.

There isn't a lot of adult conversation when grand-children are present but there is lots of hide-n-seek, playing and opportunities to make memories!

Now, if I could just be more consistent on taking pictures of our visits.


Heather said...

i think you do a good job writing when you are able. you don't need to delete it. just write whenever the occasion arises and you are able to do so.
thank you for spending time with us. I know the kids love playing with you! Its nice to have your company

Amanda said...

You are such a cute Grandma Ruth!