Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Beaute

This past Friday and Saturday, Troop 591 participated in the 2010 Klondike Derby at Weber Memorial Park/Causey Reservoir in the Ogden Valley.  Val's scouts did better than I thought they would (oh me of little faith) scoring 108 with the winning troop scoring 116. 

As they were packing up, preparing to come home, a snow ball fight began.  While loading equipment in to the trailer Val took one in the head.  He was taken by surprise, as he wasn't engaged in the white warfare ( I copied this terminology from the troop blog authored by Jared St. Clair ;) ) at this point.  His reaction was to start chasing the offending scout.  The pursuit was long (little scouts are much more nimble and fast compared to Scoutmasters) but Val was within reaching distance of the little guy when his feet were caught up in snow covered sage brush.  Going face first, Val fell flat, right on top of Carson, knocking the air out of the poor little guy.

In retrospect, Val thinks his eye and cheek hit Carson's shoulder, bruising his eye and abrasing his cheekbone.  His main concern was for Carson.  He was worried that he may have broken Carson's collar bone in the fall.  Val was grateful it was snow they fell on, believing it would have been much worse without the softer landing.

Word on the street is Carson has a nice bruise of his own on his back.  My question is........

Do you think Carson's bruise was caused by ...
  1. Val's firm chin, or
  2. Val's equally firm Chadwick nose
We'll surely never know.  Afterall, it's not worthy of CSI: Weber County. 

However, it sure is fun to speculate every time  I look at the changing color of his eye!

I just love my Scoutmaster!

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Natalie said...

Wow - that's a nice shiner! Looks like scouting can be quite an adventure after all :)