Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Open Letter to Our President

Dear Mr. President:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not vote for you. However, when you were elected I was cautiously hopeful.

Now... I'm very frustrated. Well, I'm always frustrated with government and politics but this being tax season, I'm very frustrated.

My husband and I are current on our mortgage, try to live within our means, don't carry credit card debt, participate in charitable giving, pay our property taxes, continually work on beautifying our home and yard, serve in our community and within our church congregation.

Why, we even recycle! Even though our community doesn't have an organized recycling program. Which, yes, means we pay extra to be responsible to/for Mother Earth.

We also completed our 2010 Census form. Personally, I think it will be neat, if in 100 years, some of our ancestors look at the 2010 Census and see where we were living. It's really fun to look back on old census data and find my ancestors, too!

Even though I am very frustrated, I too am extremely grateful.

My gratitude comes in part because we don't have to go through the process, and extreme worry, of applying for mortgage relief or worry about unemployment benefits running out.

Personally, I am extremely grateful for my husband's talents and the opportunity he has to make a living using his talents. It is wonderful that he can work at home, too. Utah drivers are scary and irresponsible, especially in winter weather driving conditions. Plus, I don't think very many Utahns have taken the Oprah Winfrey No Phone Zone Pledge. Yes, Mr. President, I've taken the pledge. Have you, your family and your staff? You can go to to pledge.

Even though our 401(k) and IRA values have been battered, like most Americans, we are grateful we can continue to save for our future. Also, we are grateful our community credit union is on solid financial footing.

Although my husband and I don't currently have health insurance, we are grateful for our basic good health.

As a side note: The jury is still out on health care reform. Although I've tried, a few times, to read the health care reform package, I give up because of all the strike throughs, amendments, and non-health care related programs/spending and other rubbish that has been allowed to be attached to this important piece of legislation.

Mr. President, I apologize for getting off track on the main theme of my letter. Please forgive me.

Here it is tax season, again, and I've be come my annual grouchy self. Grouchy because our tax code is so confusing, cumbersome and downright greedy. Grouchy because even if I didn't feel like I have a reading comprehension challenge, the forms, instructions and definitions don't seem to be in English.

Here are my suggestions for easing my tax season angst and improve our country's tax system and huge appetite for money. They aren't in any particular order, just good suggestions...
  • Throw away the tax code and impose a flat tax.
  • Charge patrons a nominal fee to visit government landmarks, historical sites, museums and other edifices that are currently free to the public. The people who may lose their jobs with the IRS (due to the flat tax) can work as accountants who will account for all of the monies collected at these aforementioned sites.
  • Stop giving federal tax breaks to corporations. They don't use the money they've saved to increase their employees wages. They use it to give themselves bigger bonuses. Duh!
  • Go after Medicare Fraud. In fact, go after all government fraud.
  • Give current government employees, currently in debt to the U.S. government because of unpaid taxes, a deadline to meet their tax obligation. If the deadline isn't met, terminate them and let honest, tax paying citizens fill the vacancies.
  • Stop taking more than 500 people to world summits and other meetings. Really Mr. President. Did you really need to take your own chef, six doctors, "the beast" and even bottled water, to London? Okay, sorry, I'm sounding bitter when I only want to sound helpful.

There are many other things you and our government officials, employees and citizens can do to reduce spending, but I'm feeling weary and really should get back to my burdensome taxes.

In closing, Mr. President, I just have one request... will you please stop weighing down the middle class with taxes? Please?


Ruth Bagley

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Heather said...

love your letter :) you should sent it, maybe, just MAYBE something will come of it :)