Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feeling So Far Behind!

Truly, I keep this blog more for me than others. However, I know how disappointed I feel sometimes when I check others blogs and they haven't been updated for awhile. I also feel a great responsibility to complete monthly posts and include family members whose birthdays are in that month. Since I started it, I need to be consistent so folks don't feel left out or overlooked.

That being said, I know I need to document June and July birthdays, so don't give up on me yet! Also, I had the time of my life spending a month in Alaska with Laura and her family and really want to record my feelings, impressions, and fun times... before I forget.

Most importantly, I have two new grandchildren and really want to record those fun events, too!

If you check back in the next few weeks, I hope to have more fun stuff to share!


Natalie said...

Ruth - I am excited to hear about your month-long adventure - Details!!!

CrunchyChick said...

Oh yay! An upcoming post! I hope there are lots of pictures. ;)