Sunday, June 7, 2009

Belated May Memories

Not only was May the month of Val and my anniversary, and Val's birthday... is also the month we celebrate and remember many other loved ones...

Jared Chadwick Bagley celebrates his birthday on the first day of May! Jared is our oldest and tallest child. Whenever we spend time with him, receive a voice mail or email, or he rescues us from computer challenges, Val and I always comment, discuss and express gratitude for the man he has become. Jared can express himself, about any topic or family matter, in such a way that we always feel loved, never judged. He and his Ladyhawk, Tami, are so fun to spend time with and be around. We can discuss politics, the economy, world news, religion... and The Simpsons... and always feel enlightened and entertained. He has been plugging away at his schooling for many years and hopefully sees light at the end of the tunnel. Jared epitomizes the type of person you hope all of your children will become when in the thick of teen life!

Laura Michelle Bagley Gent, our Crunchy Chick, celebrates her birthday on the fourth of May. Miss Laura, much to my chagrin, lives way up north in Alaska and is the Mama to Miss Kellie Allison, Miss Laura's life experiment. She's also expecting another child in July.

Being the only girl in the Bagley Bunch, Laura and I have always enjoyed each others company. She's a delight to visit with, I learn much from her and she's a great Mama.

Her Dad has often said he often wished he could freeze her at the age of 4... he loved her pigtails, smiling face and fun personality. I certainly don't discount my sweet husband's desire to have his pixie Laura Michelle around but... if she were still 4 years old, I probably wouldn't know her, which would be a great loss in my life. She's wonderful.

Heather Marie Bethards Bagley, our daughter-in-law, celebrates her birthday on May 14th. Heather is married to Paul, our second son, and together they have three children with one on the way. Heather is petite, quiet and shy. She's also the mother of three great kids... Alona, Abbi and Kacen. She works hard to be a good Mommy and enjoys teaching her children at home. Which is a task she takes very seriously.

I remember on one occassion when Alona was about 21 months old, Heather, Alona and I had lunch together and made a stop at All Tucked In, a children's book/gift store. I think we purchased a few books for Alona that day, too. On our way back to my office, Heather let out a big sigh and in a worried voice said something to the effect "I don't know if I'll ever be able to teach Alona to read." I couldn't help but chuckle, patted her on the shoulder and tried to reassure her that since Alona wasn't even two yet, she had plenty of time!

Margaret Blakeley, my sister, celebrates her birthday May 20th. Gertie, as I refer to her, is a chef. She's the second to the last child in our family, 4th girl, and the shortest, too! She's a very hard worker, quick to lend a helping hand and a hearty laugh. She's done so much for me over the years, I appreciate her selfless acts of service to me and my family.

Val's brother Bret and his wife Roxanne also celebrate their birthdays in May. They live in Lehi with their two sons Chad and Ryan.

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