Monday, November 3, 2008

The Vampire and Mrs. deMure

Do you remember the television series the Ghost and Mrs. Muir? For whatever reason, the title to that program popped in my mind while creating this post!

Mrs. Muir was a widow living in a haunted house with her young son. Of course she didn't know it was haunted when she moved in. As luck would have it, the ghost was a very proper sort of fellow and very helpful to the widow.

I know demure isn't a word that most people would use to describe me, but it's a fun title to my post!

Halloween was such a fun day. Val was up before the sun checking the lighting for his castle and walkways. He worked the remainder of the daylight hours putting the finishing touches on the rooms of his castle. At about 5p I lured him in the house with homemade chicken noodle soup and hot biscuits. After dinner, we put the finishing touches on our costumes and took up residence at the castle.

Right about now I should be uploading a photo of the awesome structure but, let's just say, I'm forgetful sometimes. We recorded it on the camcorder but, not the camera. Suffice it to say, it was pretty dang cool!

Since I don't have a photo of the castle, here's a photo of our dining room decorated by my Vampire! He always does such a great job decorating for each holiday. I'm a lucky lady!

My responsibility for the evening was traffic control. I was supposed to let trick-or-treaters through in groups, no more than 10 at a time. Well, that's easier said than done! Some of the groups were bigger than 10 people, which created lines inside the castle too. I was also supposed to alert the castle personnel of children too young to scare. That wasn't as easy as it sounds either. Wyatt and I finally figured out a system so only about 30 little ones were traumatized. Eek! So sorry.

When it was their turn, I encouraged our visitors to get their candy from the coffin in the castle. When I asked the little ones if they knew what a coffin is I would usually get blank stares or a resounding NO!

Of course my handsome vampire was inside the coffin holding the lid down so the treat seekers were unable to open it. He could see them and after they gave up trying to open the lid he would rise up and ask what they were looking for. It was fun for most, I hope.

I was amazed at how many people came by. A few years ago, when we gave out microwave popcorn, we started counting. That particular year we ran out of the 240 bags of popcorn. This year we ran out of our 400 treat bags after just an hour and 15 minutes!

Despite an occasional sprinkle of rain, it was a warm pleasant evening. I was happy about that because I really, really hate being cold. Really.

Val and I have talked about it a few times over the last week and haven't decided what the occasion would be that we could stop this major production. A trip out of town? Moving? Old age? Hmmmm what could it be?

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CrunchyChick said...

I'm digging the eyelashes Grandma Ruthie! You're one hot MaMa!

It sounds like it's quite the treat to be around The Bagley for Halloween. :) I wish I could have been there! I remember when Dad put on a haunted house in our garage. I think I was only 5 years old! That coffin trick is a classic!

I'm so excited for your upcoming visit to Alaska! SO thrilled! I have such good feelings about it and I hope we can time everything just right.