Monday, October 27, 2008

Victims and Vampires

It was Sunday morning. Val had been gone about 10 minutes (a meeting, what else on a Sunday morning?). I was sitting in the kitchen, looking not lovely, and the doorbell rang.

Now, I was always taught calling or visiting before 9am and after 9pm was not polite, so a 9:10am doorbell was a little too early for visitors. Wondering if it was a Deacon calling on Val, I answered the door.

Deacon, nope! Syracuse City policeman, YES!

That's right, Officer Bailey (you know, if you change the i to a g, it spells Bagley) was there to get our name and telephone number for his report.

My first thought upon seeing him was 'Oh great, someone stole our Halloween decorations and this fine officer is returning the stolen pieces.'

Now this was a safe assumption because it has happened before. Sunday morning visits from a Syracuse City police officer. Returning our decorations that had been moved to another yard in our fair city (I think it was Easter and Christmas), it's happened!

Not this time. This time, someone, I'll assume a teenage boy and his friends, decided to drive through our fair city and shoot out the car windows of cars parked on the street! Our big boat, the Mercury, was a victim!

We were the 7th home Officer Bailey visited that Sabbath morn. While he was on our front stoop he received a call about the 8th victim... I'm sure there were more calls throughout that beautiful autumn morning.

Now, I suppose you are wondering how I got the photo of the shattered window? After all, wasn't I just complaining that I did not have the cool tools for better blogs?

Well, I made a deal with a Vampire.

That's right! A Vampire!

I agreed to let said Vampire do Vampire things to my body in return for a new digital camera.

Don't worry.

This vampire is really handsome.

He has a very nice bouquet (aka - he smells really good!). He doesn't have very pointed eye teeth. He has a great, new haircut. Best of all, I've tried it out and I REALLY like kissing him!

Oh yeah, I have to help him "scare" on Halloween, too!

The Bagley Castle, complete with it's own vampire, will be haunting the children of our fair city this Halloween. And, I'll be there to help the handsome Vampire with his ritual... I suppose you could call me the Lady of the Castle?!?

But first... we have to fill 400 goodie bags with treats for the brave ones who visit our castle.

I'll post photos of the Castle and resident Vampire soon. Obviously it will be after the sun goes down and the Vampire is ready to reveal himself... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!

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