Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go, Red Ladybugs!

Miss Alona played soccer this late summer, early autumn in Roy. It was so fun to watch and cheer for her, even though she got shy on us when we did cheer. The game of soccer for 5 and 6 year old girls is simply fun! They are excited to be there and improved each week. Timid little girls bunched together on the field seemingly waiting for a teammate to kick the ball is so sweet. We definitely saw improvement each week and some girls became more aggressive. It was also refreshing to be on the sidelines with other mellow families. Parents always shouting out directions, if not criticism, to their children are most unwelcome to me. These soccer Moms and Dads were very polite.

Of course, it was also fun to spend time with Abbi and Kacen, too. Abbi and I did a few cheers with 'movements' on the sidelines. Abbi loved it, not knowing Grandma Ruthie didn't really know what she was doing. :) Kacen, Smiley as I call him, loved being out there playing. One Saturday was terrible rainy weather, he was still out there playing with a smile on his cute little face!

That rainy day transformed those cute little Red Ladybugs into Wet Ladybugs. They sure were troopers. I think they doubled their body weight that day while wearing their soggy clothes.

Sigh! The season is over but it was fun while it lasted!

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Heather said...

yes, Kacen was definitely some extra entertainment while watching those soccer games. The raining one was definitely a first, never been to a game in that and then the week after, brrr it was cold! Nice having you two come so often and participate in cheering them on. Thanks!