Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello Again, Hello!

I suppose it's because of my age, or perhaps it's because I don't have the right equipment... I just know my blog isn't as fun as others I enjoy following. I don't take photos as often as I should and/or could, so I don't post about some of the fun things Val and I do each day, week and month.

Sigh! I suppose I should change my thought process and think of this as my journal and not something to entertain my small readership.

Fun things we've been doing...

Val and I went to Double Oak, Texas earlier this month to visit one of my friends and her family. Harold & Christina McIntyre and their family were the consummate hosts. Alexa (11), Austin (9), Nicolette (5), Christian (3) and Brigette (3 months) were so fun to be around. As always, the children loved Val. The minute he gets out a pencil, pen, sharpie or whatever drawing instrument he has access to, children, and adults, are smitten with him. Nicolette was especially sweet on my man (can't say as I blame her) and loved playing Old Maid with him.

Christina and I met while we were both working at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, California. I transferred there from Point Clear, Alabama in approximately May, 1989 and Christina welcomed me with an open heart and has been a wonderful friend ever since. It was so fun to spend time together after such a long break (Nicolette was 18 months old last time we saw each other). She is one of the kindest, most sincere and loving women I've been blessed to know and love. Christina has such a strong testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the gospel and church. She has always been a wonderful example to me. Alexa, Austin and Nicolette have been able to recite all thirteen Articles of Faith since they were three years old! Harold & Christina are definitely trying to raise righteous children unto the Lord. I was touched and impressed to see Christina's daily efforts to teach her children about our Savior, the scriptures and being good examples.

While we were there, Val painted a mural on Christian's bedroom wall. The mural is a castle theme with a fire breathing dragon, a castle with a moat and a knight in shining armor with his princess on his steed (see what I mean about not using the right tools? If I were really on the ball, I would have taken my old digital camera on the trip and taken a photograph to post here). Hopefully Christina will email some of her photos to me.

We also went to the Texas state fair where I enjoyed a Corny Dog - Mmmmm delicious! Going to the fair was a Mommy Moment for me. The last time I went to the fair my parents and Matthew and his family were with me. My Mom introduced me to the delicious corny dog. It was fun to go back with Val and the McIntyres.

The Sixth Floor Museum (formerly the Texas Book Depository where Oswald shot President Kennedy) was also on our list of activities. Even though I had been to the museum before, it was nice to go with Val, Harold and Christina. We enjoyed feeling like we were experiencing a part of history.

While in Texas we enjoyed balmy 75-80 degree weather, were lulled to sleep by the symphony of crickets and early morning time enjoying the sunrise at Twin Lakes. I couldn't help but sing to myself... "I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world, Heavenly Father created for me."

My life has truly been enriched by the McIntyre family.

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Heather said...

Sounds like you had a great time, with many memories to bring home with you. Glad that you have such great friends.
Thank you for all those games, the kids and I really enjoy them! They are really a great learning tool.