Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WOW! What a Summer

This summer, like most summers, has been very busy and somewhat hectic. Based on my previous post about Honey, Laura Michelle and Kellie journeyed down from Alaska and we were able to spend time with them over a three week period! That Kellie girl is so, so cute! And smart! Looks, brains and personality... fun to love and share kisses!

Mr. Bagley has been the Scoutmaster since July. He went to Scout camp, came home for a few days then took another road trip to California for an Eldorado High School Drama Club and Choir Reunion. It spanned, I think, about 10 years of graduating classes. He had a marvelous time reuniting with some of his favorite people from his youth! It was so fun to see him get into the email thing (which has been a bit of a frustrating process for him). Now he's addicted! He checks his email at least once a day and is really good at replying to messages. Now, we need to work on originating messages for future communique'! :)

August was also rather busy. However, we did manage to go to Wyoming twice in August... the first weekend and this past weekend... which included snow! I just LOVE wearing my comfy sweatshirts so I was very pleased with the cooler temperatures. I didn't feel so hot this past weekend so my participation was a bit subdued but I really enjoyed spending time with the Hilles, my Hubby and Honey. I suppose you could call it a Triple H weekend!

Gertie is living in a darling apartment in SLC, in the Sugar House area. It's fun to have her back in our lives on a more regular basis... just wish we had more accommodating schedules. Gertie works evenings while I work the day shift.

Heather made a tough decision and decided to move back up to Davis county to be nearer to family and hopefully more moral support. Paul will continue to live in Provo while he finishes school. Hopefully, after he completes his program, they will be able to move to our area permanently. Selfish of me, I know. It's so nice to have them closer and spend more time with our darling grand-children. I hope we can get in to a regular pattern of visits.

Speaking of grandchildren... Miss Alona started Kindergarten this year! I can't believe she is growing up so fast. Not only is she a school girl now, she also lost her first tooth this weekend! While reading a book with her Mom it just fell out!

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Heather said...

yes, what a summer. What a busy summer you two have had. So glad that you posted! Love reading!