Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweeter than Honey

Honey! He is such a sweet, kind man.
Honey! He's my Father-in-law.
Honey! We love him so.

Honey isn't doing too well today. In fact, he's in the hospital in Heber City. He has Type II Diabetes and hasn't managed it as well as he should and now is suffering from very high glucose levels. My Dad has Type II also and his Doctor doesn't like his glucose to be over 100. I'm not sure where Honey's Doctor wants his to be, but 529 is way too high.

I feel so helpless. I feel sad for my sweet father-in-law. I wish I could fix it and that Honey could go home and resume his life. Unfortunately, resuming 'his life' would land him in the hospital again.

What an emotional roller coaster this day has been.

XOXOXOXOX to all of the sweet honeys in my life!

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