Monday, January 28, 2008

Potpourri of Thoughts

What will this day be like, I wonder? What will my future be, I wonder? Sounds dramatic, eh? A common thought of mine, nonetheless. One, because I love the song and also because I really do wonder what each day will bring.

A Friday afternoon call from Heather brought an evening of fun with her and three of our darling grandchildren. After meeting for dinner in SLC, we went to the Church museum and enjoyed the displays and exhibits, especially the children's section on the second floor. Alona and Abbi loved the baby dolls and dress up clothes; Kacen had a great time playing on the little people furniture and with the sheep puppets. During dinner, I don't recall what we were talking about but during a conversation Alona said, "Wait, I want to tell you something." "Okay," we said, "What is it you want to say?" Alona replied, "I want to sleep over at your house." And so the adventure began...

Alona slept in the guest room; Abbi wanted to "sleep in Grandpa's bed!" I'm not sure ow much sleep everyone else received but I sure didn't get much. Anyone who's done it know, you don't get much sleep with wiggly toddlers! Grandpa, the scamp, scampered away to the sofa in the family room around 2am. In the dark cover of the morning, at 6:24 am, to be exact, I was brought to full attention with this sweet, crystal clear voice ask "Where's Grandpa?" And so our Saturday began!

Abbi and I ventured to the family room to get Grandpa and then we all went back upstairs to get Alona, then back to 'Grandpa's bed' to read some books (don't forget I'm a grandma, I'm not accustomed to hitting the ground chasing children each morning... so I had to do something to slow the momentum... story time was great!:))

Alona requested waffles for breakfast and so Grandpa complied. We enjoyed breakfast and then, honestly, it is a bit of a blur... I know they bathed and made Valentine cards; found every flashlight they could; played with Freckles and friends; built a train track and rolled the train; Hide and Seek (in the words of Abbi "You count, You hide")and the most rowdy activity of all, building houses, forts, mountains and castles with the sofa cushions and pillows. I have many cute expressions to add to my Grandma Journal...!

Sunday was P-Day for me... Prep-Day for my colonoscopy Monday morning. A fairly peaceful day was interrupted with the sad news of the passing of our sweet Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. Pres. Hinckley... my Prophet... was a charming, inspiring, loving, wise man. Always encouraging us to 'Stand a Little Taller', be a little kinder, strive a little harder. How exciting to know he is reunited with his sweet wife Marjorie Pay Hinckley. As my sweet friend Christina said, "Can you imagine the stir there was this evening as his spirit returned to heaven?" I can't help but think how wonderful it must be for him to be reunited with his parents, wife and other loved ones but to also be reunited with those prophets of old, and the Prophet Joseph, each of whom he bore fervent testimony. (I can envision my sweet Mutti there with a radiant smile on her face, too) I'm so thankful for this sweet, gentle man.

Then came Monday! My mother-in-law, Caren, celebrated another birthday today! My colon screening went well and I won't need another one for 10 years! Yes!

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Heather said...

its always nice to get out of the house and visit. Wish we could do it more often. I am glad that you had fun with the girls. Glad that your colonoscopy went well and yeah for only having to do it once every ten years!We called Caren and sang to her on her birthday, they had fun and Grandma Caren enjoyed getting that phone call too.