Monday, November 7, 2011

My Sweet Mutti

November 12th is the birthday anniversary of my sweet Mutti.

She would be 80 years young this year.

I miss her so, so much.

Not a day passes without me sending hugs and kisses to her in heaven.

Some times I write letters to her.

Sometimes I buy her greeting cards.

I feel closest to her when I'm grocery shopping,

or when I'm in the kitchen baking or cooking,

or when I put butter on my toast,

or use butter when cooking,

and definitely when I buy butter.

Did you know she had 22 lbs of butter in her freezers and fridges when she passed away?

Yep, that's my Mutti!

I love you Mutti!

Happy birthday!

Happy Autumn!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The photo is from 1957, the year I was born.  It was the photo Dad used for the family Christmas card.

Dad was cool like that, making Christmas cards Well, he's still cool!

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