Friday, November 11, 2011

Living in Suburbia

The largest city I've ever lived in is London, England.

The smallest town I've ever lived in is Daphne, Alabama....

      Then again Wehen, Germany may have been smaller.

When we moved to Syracuse, the population was hovering around 7,000.

Currently, the population is around 25,000.

The things I miss most about living in larger, more metropolitan areas are...

The shopping opportunities.

The cultural experiences.

The dining options.

and last but not least... in fact the best thing... the thing I miss the most...

The bakeries!

In Germany, almost every little town had a bakery.

There was nothing better than a warm fresh brotchen in the morning!  Yummy. 

Sometimes they were so fresh, you could see the steam waft from the roll as you broke it open.  Divine.

Whenever I entertain, or around the holidays, I yearn for easy access to an awesome European style bakery.


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