Monday, October 11, 2010

I Did It!

Yes, Siree.

I did it!

I switched the thermostat from Cool to Heat!

My cute Mom loved wearing sweats in the cooler months.

Always a matched set, too.

Along with her sweats, she'd wear a coordinating bandanna or other neckerchief.

I always thought it was because she wanted to dress-up her sweats.

After she passed away, somehow I ended up with her bandannas.

One winter morning while I was wearing sweats I tied on one of her bandannas.

Here I was, trying to create a Mommy Moment and had an enlightened moment, as well.

Not only was my sweet little Mom stylish, she was also very smart.

Why, that little neckerchief kept the back of my neck warm, too!

I sure do miss my Mom and her neckerchiefs.

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