Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alona Marie Bagley

Today is Miss Alona's birthday.

She is eight years old today.

Alona is our first grandchild.

It is fun to spend time with Alona.

She loves playing Hide-n-Seek with her grandpa.

She loves to read.

She has a beautiful smile.

She is very intelligent.

She has a fun personality.

She is very literal.

She is a good big sister.

She has one sister and two brothers.

Over the years we've had many opportunities to make memories with Alona.

The first time she spent the night with us she had a stuffed money she loved. Her mom told us she would be okay at bedtime as long as she had her monkey. That evening we arrived home after the sun had gone down. There was a beautiful moon and so before we went in the house we walked through the yard to show Alona the pretty moon. Unknowingly, Alona dropped her monkey in the garden.

While going through the bedtime routine we couldn't find the monkey! Grandpa looked in the car, he looked through the house, he looked in her bags to no avail. We couldn't find the monkey.

Alona was becoming a little distressed, wanting her monkey for comfort.

So, we said a little prayer and retraced our steps since we had arrived home. Since I'm a better looker/searcher, Grandpa held Alona while I went outside. Walking through the yard, I kicked something but couldn't tell what it was because of the darkness. I fetched a flashlight and went back outside to find the monkey... blending in the darkness of the garden.

We were all so thankful we found the monkey and Alona was able to have a restful night's sleep!

A few years ago Alona learned about the gold plates and how difficult it was for prophets to engrave on the plates. She also learned a strange writing style. She and I exchanged a few letters using the strange characters.

We also exchanged notes wrting our words backwards. It has been fun to do and especailly for me to sometimes refer to her as her backeard name... Anola!

We love you AlonAnolA!

Thanks for being part of our family and thank you for all of your hugs and kisses!

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