Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Time, No Posts

Yes, it's been quite a long while since I last posted. 

I've been formating them in my mind... does that count?

We had a sleepover with Paul, Heather, Alona, Abbi, Kacen and Jesse this summer.  We used our new tent for the fist time.  Must confess I didn't get much sleep.  It was hot, children were too excited to sleep, it was hot (I know - a repeat of the fact it was hot) and it was fun!  The next day Alona and I went shopping for school clothes.  She found some cute things at Old Navy. 

After the shopping expedition we had lunch all together and then went to Antelope Island for the afternoon.  It was hot!  However, we had fun inspite of the summer heat.  We saw a few buffalo, an antelope (or was it a deer?), an owl and practiced roping a calf at the Garr Fielding Ranch. 

While walking through the ranch house Abbi said "Grandma this looks like your house!"

We also walked on the beach with all of the (thousands) flies.  Val and I checked out a place called The Point.  Up on a hill with southwestern views of the lake, which were breathtaking.  I hope we can go again on a cooler day or evening.  It would be a great place for a picnic.

Brian, Laura, Kellie and Delia came for a visit in September and it was awesome!  We hung out at home,  went bowling, attended Witches Night Out at the Rock Loft, rode FrontRunner to Salt Lake City, explored Discovery Gateway, played Hide-n-Seek with Kellie and shared them with the rest of the folks who love them and qualify for quality time. 

Aunt Jane took Kellie for a ride on her horse Shake.  Kellie learned Giddy up and Whoa commands and smiled the enitre time she was up there.  Thanks, Aunt Jane!

Grandpa also hosted an Autumn Party (aka: Halloween) for his grandchildren and their parents.  Aunt Ellen joined us with her grand-daughters McKaylie and Reilly.  It was great fun and we hope it becomes a tradition.

Delia received her name and a blessing, pronounced by her Uncle Andrew Bagley, thus creating a church membership record.  It was a wonderful event with a few memorable moments for me... the first was a Kodak moment without a camera when, during the blessing, Kellie walked up to the circle of men and peered up inside the circle to see what Miss Delia was crying about.  It was so cute.  The other memory  was walking home from the church with Alona, Abbi, Kellie and Kacen.  It was such a fun walk.  One of those opportunities you hope and dream will present itself. A dream come true, really!

The Gent family now live in Colorado and we are so happy and thankful to have them closer to home.  That SLC to Denver commute just might become a habit for me!

Jared and Tami are busy working and Jared continues to plug away at school.  Tami completed her schooling and graduated in August.  She also received a promotion with the IRS and had to go to Atlanta for a month of training. 

Right after she returned home, Jared, Tami and Brandon drove up to Seattle, Washington for an annual convention they love to attend.  It has something to do with technology and gaming.  Jared caught a bug and felt crummy but they had a safe trip, returning in one peice for which I'm grateful. 

Jared and Tami hosted Val & I, along with the Gent family, to an evening of Beatles Rock Band.  We shared Chinese food and I loved watching and listening to them interact and belt out tunes from their childhoods.

Andrew and Natalie work wacky shifts and so unfortunately, we don't get to see them too often.  They are working hard and having fun being newlyweds.  They were really kind and drove Brian & Laura's car to Colorado, along with Zoe the dog, so Brian didn't have to make the trek back.  Despite the icy roads they arrived home intact!

Brandon continues to accept weird dares from his supervisor and also moonlights composing music and playing in a band.  We just never know when we might receive notification that he's appearing in a YouTube video eating an eight patty hamburger or trying to crush a soda can with his forehead. 

Listening to his music is much more soothing and enjoyable!

Kacen turned 3 in October, right before Halloween.  Kellie will be 3 "in Novmeber".  Jesse and Delia continue to grow and develop, too.  It's fun to see their progress.

Alona is in first grade and loves school.  Her teacher is Mrs. Cannon, who was also her kindergarten teacher.  Grandpa and I went to her school on her 7th birthday (in September) and Grandpa drew pictures on posterboard for the children in her class.  After the fun, Grandpa and I accompanied Alona to the cafeteria for lunch and a tour of the playground. 

Alona also participated in Story Telling Workshops after school and learned the basics of story telling.  In October, just before Halloween, the school hosted a Story Telling Festival so each of the workshop participants could tell their stories.  The story Alona told was Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet.  She did an awesome job despite feeling nervous.  The impressive thing about it was that when she forgot some of her story she was very composed and simply thought for a minute and then resumed her story when her memory was restored.  I remember at that age I would have crumpled into a pool of tears and shut down.  I'm so happy we were able to attend the Festival.

Alona is also in a girl scout troop... a Daisy!

Miss Abbigail is so happy to be attending pre-school.  She loves being able to do the same type things as her big sister. 

This month brought the H1N1 virus to the Paul Bagley family.  Trying to be a helpful Grandma, I went down to lend assistance for about a day and a half and then came home with the bug!  Bummer. 

While I was down there, Alona and Abbi participated in their ward Primary Program in Sacrament meeting.  I'm so glad we were able to attend church with them and see the program.  They both did a great job singing and reciting their parts.  Alona recited a few lines from the Proclamation on The Family and I think every word was at least three syllables long.  She was great!

We survived Halloween night at our house.  More than 400 trick-or-treaters waited for a chance to see the Undertaker at the Funeral home in our backyard.  When Grandpa and I were talking to Kellie, via telephone, the day after Halloween I mentioned that Grandpa dressed up like an Undertaker and Kellie replied "I want to see your underwear!" It was too funny!

You'll now find us getting ready for the holidays and hoping to avoid any more sickness. 

Happy November to each of you!


Natalie said...

Looks like you've been having a lot of fun. I love reading your posts. You are such a sweet grandma!!!

CrunchyChick said...

Yay! You posted! Miss you! :)

Ashli said...

Ruth! hey girl...we miss you guys. love ya tons. happy thanksgiving!