Monday, January 5, 2009

Delightful December!

Excluding the need to buy a new washer and dryer this month, December was a fun month and here's why...

Dinner and Lights in Ogden
December 12th Paul & Heather and our darling grandchildren drove up from Provo to spend the night. Friday evening we went to Chuck-a-Rama for dinner and then went to the city square to see the Christmas display. As a child, I would go there every year with my family and remember those treks with fondness. Going with grandchildren was even more fun! The display has grown over the years and it really was great. There is a new amphitheater with stage; when we arrived a lady was singing Christmas carols. It was a nice backdrop to all of the displays.

Alona and Abbi wanted to go see Santa Claus (I think Alona wanted to see if it would be the real Santa or a pretend Santa - she saw both this past holiday season!) So, rather than going directly to the line to the Santa cabin, I suggested we had to find him.

Our stroll around the square looking for Santa Claus was fun indeed. We peeked inside a little building that was a soda shop. They served hot chocolate at the soda shop and unfortunately one of the Snowmen drank a mug and melted right there in the shop! His hat and scarf were lying in a puddle on the floor and his friend (another Snowman) was sitting in shock next to his seat.

Temperatures were mild during our stroll. Can you believe we also came upon the Grinch! He was trying to find Whoville, I think. Even though he is a Grinch (small heart) he did let us have our photo taken with him. Not only was he confused about the direction of Whoville, he also thought our little Abbi was Cindy Lou Who. Silly Grinch! Abbigail Bagley is much cuter than Cindy Lou Who.

Strolling hand in hand with Abbi was so sweet for me. We talked and visited like two girlfriends... she told me about school (she's going to school you know, and taking a computer class). She has homework, which her Mommy helps her with, as needed. Abbi also helps Kacen, her brother, with his homework. Abbi also told me "Santa is very scary."

We strolled and visited, peeking in each building looking for the real Santa (I mean one that wasn't made of plastic or stuffed with poly stuffing) when we finally found Santa's cabin, with a long line. Undaunted, we hopped in line and visited some more while we inched closer and closer to see him. Alona and I also enjoyed visiting. She and I looked for words that started with the letter K and she would read the words to me. She also brought me up to speed on all of the things she is learning at school. She is very smart!

While we were waiting for our turn to see Santa, I asked Alona if she thought it would be the real Santa or a pretend Santa. She said she wouldn't know until she saw him! I suggested that it would be one of Santa's helpers because Santa was so busy at the North Pole getting everything ready for Christmas.

While we were waiting in line Heather treated the girls to a cup of Hot Chocolate. Of course it was very hot, too hot for little ones to partake of right away. So, we lifted the lids and blew and vistied some more. Alona likes Warm Chocolate better than Hot Chocolate (didn't I tell you she is smart!) After a few minuites of Heather cooling off Alona's cup and me blowing on Abbi's, they were able to enjoy warm chocolate.

With our visit to Santa complete, we headed back through the square to find the car all the while enjoying displays of Christmas. The guys, Paul, Val and Kacen were ahead of us so just us girls wandered through another section of the square and came upon the Nativity scene. Even though it was roped off, Alona and Abbi managed to get close. Abbi patted the camel's head and wished him Happy Birthday. She wanted to ride him, but that was an off limits area, so we had to say no. While looking at the Nativity, we sang Away in a Manger together then headed off to the car. Abbi wished them all a Happy Birthday one last time!

We had such a wonderful time and best of all, it included a sleepover! Which I'll tell you all about in another post.

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