Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

Val and I have an ongoing debate about which season is best... Spring or Autumn. Val will debate for Autumn while I hold out for Spring. While I don't want him to get too comfortable being right, Autumn is an equally wonderful season. His argument that won me over is that Autumn isn't as soggy as Spring. Nevertheless, Spring is wonderfully refreshing.

Saturday we hosted the 3rd Annual Bagley Easter Egg Hunt. The sky was beautiful and clear and even though it was about 56 degrees, the breeze was a bit brisk for me. Breeze or not, I think all of the eggs and other hidden items were found, dinner was delicious and it was a very pleasant affair. The only down side was Andrew and Natalie were unable to join us because Natalie wasn't feeling well. We missed them.

Saturday morning, Laura Michelle called to say Kellie received her package from us. I was so happy to learn it arrived on time. However, I still had to swallow my tears because they are sooo far away and we miss them, too.

The week before Easter I couldn't help but think about the comment Pres. Hinckley made during one of his talks last year... something to the effect that there wouldn't be Christmas if there were no Easter. It is such a simple yet profound statement and so very true. I love Easter for it's many traditions and symbols - spring, rebirth and most of all the testimony I have that He is risen.

I hope Spring is a wonderful season for you and your loved ones!

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CrunchyChick said...

Spring! I love spring!

I miss you! And love you!