Sunday, July 2, 2006

Truth is Marching....

I love Independence Day!

I love being an American!

I love all those who have given their lives to defend our freedoms!

I love and appreciate all those who currently serve so diligently to defend the freedoms of those in other countries.

I appreciate the family members who are left behind to love, worry about and support thier loved ones who are serving in the Armed Forces.

I love that my husband shares these same feelings and is very patriotic.

I love patriotic music and the feelings of gratitude it stirs in my heart.

I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.

Those are the lyrics to one of the many patriotic songs we often listen to when traveling in the car.

Truth is marching, truth is marching... is part of the chorus to another song in our collection.

Whenever I listen to this song I can't help but smile, remembering the time we were going somewhere in the car with our children, the music playing, all of us singing along as best we could to the music (I always wanted to have my own "von Trapp"family) when I noticed Laura, Andrew and Brandon had altered the words a bit and were singing...

Ruth is marching, Ruth is marching...

I was touched.

As a stepmom, sometimes it's difficult to find and know my place. Our children are very fortunate to have two loving parents who, despite their divorce, have always tried to keep their children's well being formemost in their minds. So, because of this wonderful attitude and efforts of their parents, my goal was to support my husband and create a safe, loving environment and opportunities for Val to continue to create memories with the children.

Although in the beginning I sometimes failed miserably, I would have moments like 'Ruth is marching...' where my heart would swell and I would think "maybe I'm not such a failure after all."

Now our youngest is preparing for college, we have two wonderful daughters-in-law, a great son-in-law, two beautiful grandaughters and two more grandchildren preparing to make thier debut - and further enrich our lives. With all of this growth, physically and numerically, I feel blessed to reap the rewards of trying to be a good stepmom.

I appreciate the kindness and generosity they each share with me.

I'm so grateful we feel comfortable expressing our love for each other.

I'm so grateful and proud to be a Bagley-American!


Heather said...

I think you are awesome. You really reach out and to all of us and try to involve us in things. Thanks for being so willing to share everything that you have and are.

BusyMaMa said...

My Ruthie Ruthie! I remember singing that in the back of the car! On the way to Grandma's house?

We really did make a ton of fantastic memories! And I love that you put your creativity into each and every occasion. And that you made occasions where they wouldn't have naturally occurred.

I am such a lucky kid to have four awesome parents. I really am.

How many girls can say they have two incredible Moms? Not many.

Sometimes, I wish I could share all the love I feel from my Moms and Dads. I'm just too lucky.

Paulie said...

Oh,as far a my finding stuff for my "abstract" blog page, I usually use my highly advanced search ability. I am the one who everyone else comes to when they want a good collection of exactly what they want, when they want it :)

lemme know if I can help you.