Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sheets! Who Needs Them?

Me!  Me!  Me!

Linens are one of my loves.

I love looking at the bedding section in catalogs.

I love looking at home decorating magazines.

I love the thought of having a beautiful bedroom.

Let's be honest.

Having a beautiful bedroom is really just a dream.

Hello?  Husbands!

Beautiful bedding aside, I love bed sheets.

Sheets serve a very good purpose.

A comfortable mattress and box springs are so, so important.

And becoming quite expensive, I might add.

A good quality mattress pad is also very important.

No, really!

Which is easier (actually, possible)?

Washing your mattress or washing your mattress pad and sheets?

The mattress pad protects the mattress.

The bed sheets protect the mattress pad and the mattress.

All this protection extends the life of your mattress.

So, in reality, sheets could be viewed as a necessary evil.

I like to think of them as a cozy necessity.


A debatable point at my house.

It's very frustrating that bedding manufacturers have not kept up with mattress manufacturers.

Pillow top mattresses are good.

Finding fitted sheets deep enough to fit the pillow top mattresses is a huge challenge and frustration.

Not to mention very expensive when you can find extra deep fitted sheets.

Yes, while I love, love, love linens, I do have a limit on what I will spend on bed linens.

With our last mattress purchase, we received a sheet set. 

They fit! 

They are white!

They are a great weave!

We have two other sets that were the right price.  It stops there.

One set is light taupe, bone, whatever shade of beige you choose.

The other set is light blue.


Our bedroom is in whites and lavendars!

The set includes an extra deep fitted sheet, the set was less than $60 so I bought 2 sets.

I bought them in the summer months.

They are a polished cotton weave.

Polished weaves are cool to the touch.

Cool to the touch in the summer months is great.

Cool to the touch during the winter months is AWFUL!

This week it is polished, non-matching sheet-set week.

I couldn't get warm last night.

I slept awful.

I still feel cold.

Poor me!


First World Problem, I know, I know.

My husband loves these 'cool' sheets.  I wish they came in white.

So, for three weeks of each winter month, I'm freezing and my bedding is mis-matched.

My husband is happy!

Well, to be honest, he's not happy that I'm freezing..

He's happy that he sleeps better when he's cool.  UGH!

I do have two sets of jersey sheets, which are warmer than regualr sheets but not as warm as flannel sheets.

I love a happy husband, so I only sneak those on when it's really, really cold and make sure I open the window at night.

If I could find a set of flannel sheets with an extra deep fitted sheet, I'd save my pennies so I could buy a set.

I could at least use them when Val is out of town.  Which is only one week in the winter months!

Well, at least I get to use the jersey sheets at the B House in the warmer months!!!


A necessity. 

Not always cozy!

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