Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Am Not Afraid

Before I met Val, he had a great group of friends that would often be found playing volleyball or UNO.  Sometimes both in the same evening.  They wouldn't play regular UNO, however.  They liked playing Cuthroat UNO... a pretty aggressive game.

Over the years, although our get togethers have become less frequent, we still stay in touch with each other.

Lon and Jennie Richards, who formerly lived in Bountiful, moved to Riverton alot of years ago.  In their new ward, they met Tom and Jenny Wiscomb.  The Jennys became friends and Jennie R began including the Wiscombs in our UNO nights. 

Being the small world it is sometimes, Val was delighted to meet up with Jenny Wiscomb, whom he formerly worked with at the March of Dimes!

Accompanying the Wiscomb's 2010 Christmas Card, was a letter recapping the year in the Wiscomb family.  At the very end of the letter, Jenny talked about her battle with cancer, her clean follow-up appointments and hope for a better 2011.  She bravely included photos of herself, sans hair, and her new look since her hair grew back.

Imagine our shock, dismay and heartsick feeling when we received an email from Jennie R letting us know Jenny W's cancer was back, with a vengeance.  Jenni R actually forwarded us the email from Jenny W, so we could read about it in Jenny W's own eloquent way.  An irony of this shocking email was that the Wiscombs received the call from Jenny W's Oncologist just 15 minutes before they were to walk out the door for an extended weekend at a beautiful cabin in Island Park.

They wouldn't be able to meet with the doctor until the next week, so they went to Island Park, with heavy hearts, and decided to enjoy their time together as best they could.

As fate would have it, the cancer is back and has spread to other vital organs (lungs and liver) of her body, is a very rare form of cancer and, for the most part, doesn't respond well to chemo or radiation therapies...

Jenny W has decided she would rather have quality of life, even though it may be shorter, than undergo the awful treatments of chemo and radiation therapies and be sick the last months and days of her mortal life.

Recently Jenny W sent out an email asking us to fast for her this next fast Sunday, and pray that her cancer can be slow growing, thus extending her life as long as possible.  You see, Jenny's one and only son, Glen, is currently serving as a missionary and will return home in June.  Jenny's sincerest prayers are that she will be relatively strong and able bodied when Glen returns home so they can have some quality time together.

Right now, Jenny is making quilts for her son and daughter (who is 16) and nieces and nephews.  Quilts they can receive as a wedding gift, from Jenny (in absentia) when they marry.  A bittersweet time with her Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law... choosing fabrics, cutting, piecing, sewing, quilting.... visiting, reminiscing... making lasting memories to shore them up when Jenny is no longer amongst us.

Recently Jenny was interviewed by W. A. Christensen, of the Enduring it Well series, on  If you choose to listen to this inspiring interview make sure you have a box of tissues with you.

An inspiring interview with an amazing and inspiring lady. May God bless and keep the Wiscomb family.

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