Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow! Such an Amazing Blessing!

Our neighborhood has suffered from a rash of petty thefts in the last few months.

Items left in cars go missing.

The police theorize the thieves sell stuff to pawn shops for cash.

Why don't they get real jobs?

My camera has been missing.

I've imagined it sitting in a local pawn shop, for sale.

It would be my own fault.

Naively, I often leave my car unlocked, sometimes with the keys in the ignition, in the driveway.

A few weeks ago I was called to be a Sunbeam teacher.

Not too happy about this one.

Imagining Kacen and Kellie as Sunbeams is what has kept me thinking positive.

Sunday, I had a drippy nose and was without a tissue. In our chapel and Relief Society room there are boxes of tissue next to or under the podium. I was sitting right next to the podium in the Primary room. While singing time was happening, I peeked under the podium in search of a tissue.

I found my camera, instead!

Can you believe it?

Val's missing camera was there, also!

We are so thankful for all the wonderful blessings we receive in our lives.

I can't wait to take photos....

Kacen's birthday party is tomorrow.

I must recharge the battery - now!

Have fun taking your own photos.

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The Mechams said...

Thats funny how those things happen. I am happy for your happy camera ending!