Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Sad!

I'm so sad.

I'm really pretty frustrated with myself too.

Back in July, I refinished our hardwood floors.

Naturally, part of the process was to empty the rooms of furniture. Before my curio cabinet could be moved, I had to remove all of my treasures... including my Lladro Christus.

A treasure my sweet husband gave to me many years ago when it debuted.

Yesterday I finally got the curio's glass and mirrors polished and the shelves back in place ready to restock the cabinet.

As I pulled a vase, which I inherited from my Mom who inherited it from my Grandmother Blakeley, I moved it from behind the Christus and hit His arm.

It broke off.

And when it hit the floor, His thumb and little finger broke off, too.

Just thinking about it and writing this makes my eyes tear and my tummy tumble.

My brother-in-law Brad teases us Blakeley girls about our graven images. Others may see it as such, too.

But... I love it. Whenever I look at this beautiful figurine, I am reminded of my Savior's sacrifice for me. I feel my Savior's love in all the world around me. I am so grateful for His love and sacrifice. For me. For you. For my loved ones.

As I held the broken pieces in my hand, I thought about how He hung, suffered and died on the cross for each of us. While my heart is sad that my Christus is not whole, we can each become whole through him.

My Christus will be restored.

My gratitude for and testimony of Him has been renewed.

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Ashli said...

oh that makes me so sad too! don't you wish that every now and again you could just relive a moment...and change the way things turned out?