Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Honey Do

Honey and his dog, Lucky
Midway, Utah

This week Val and I took Honey to Wyoming.

He was born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming and loves going up there as often as possible. Unfortunately, due to his declining health, Honey isn't able to spend as much time as he would like in his beloved Star Valley.

Val's Mother was also born and raised in Star Valley. Just down the street from Honey. Caren's father, Grandpa Chadwick, was the bishop of the Fairview Ward for many years. In fact, his photograph still hangs in the Bishop's Office along with all of the other Bishops who've served the people of Fairview.

Honey with Val on Horse
(Val - 1 year)

Guess what? Val was born in Star Valley, too!

Being the only child of LaDell and Caren Bagley to be born there, he loves that unique fact. Yet another thing to set him apart from his siblings!

When Val was just 6 weeks old, Honey took his young wife and infant son to California. Off to make a life for he and his young family.

While living in California he really missed Wyoming. He missed the clouds, beautiful mountains, fishing, riding horses, visiting family and friends and rural surroundings and neighborly kindnesses big cities sometimes lack.

So, each summer his two week vacation was spent in Utah and Wyoming soaking in all that he missed.

Honey didn't miss Utah. His father and mother-in-law had moved from Afton to Murray, so they spent some of their vacation visiting the Chadwicks.

Three Generations of Bagley Boys
Honey, Val and Jared at Fairview Cemetery
(Memorial Day, 2009)

After Honey retired from SavOn Drug, he and Caren moved to Utah. While living in the Salt Lake are, Honey scouted out some property in Midway. This property enabled him to acquire horses and enjoy some of his favorite hobbies of yesteryear.

Honey, Paul and Shadow
(First Midway Home)

Eventually, they built a home on their property and moved to Midway. Often times folks would ask him why he didn't move back to Star Valley. His reply was always the same...

It's too cold!

Because his parents passed away unexpectedly in the early 1970s, their estate went to probate. To keep the property in the family, Honey continued to pay the property taxes. Year after year he'd pay. Finally, in the mid 1990s, he was able to buy out his siblings to become the sole owner of the B House and surrounding property.

Honey, Chad, Brandon and Andrew
in Honey's Truck
(Midway, Utah)

Although his visits are less frequent, Honey still loves to go to Fairview to spend time puttering around, visiting family and friends and reflecting on his life.

We love going spending time with him, too!

Thanks for the memories, Honey! We love you.

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