Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'd Like to Buy a ... Consonant, Please!

Do you type by touch?

Or, is your typing ability like my husband and I... hunt -n- peck?

Well, actually, Val's typing style is really hunt -n- pound!

Cringing is common for me when I'm near Val as he types on his laptop.

Nagging, is common for me, too.

"Don't hit the keys so hard, Honey. You'll break them if you aren't careful."

Or, when I'm trying to foster the love we have at home, you can hear me coach...

"Softly, softly, press the keys softly."

The J key on Laura's laptop is missing the button.

Not too surprising considering her supreme love for Ju-Ju-Bees.

On the few occasions I've used her computer, I wasn't affected by the missing J button. The rare times I needed to hit the J key, I confess I feared receiving an electrical shock of sorts. Much to my surprise, it didn't happen!

But on Val's laptop, the B isn't working.

Ever thought about how often you use the B?

Being a Bagley, and formerly a Blakeley, and having lots of Bagley Boys in our family, not to mention Bagley and Blakeley grandparents, I also drive a Beetle with a Bugly car tag.

Blogging is something I enjoy, because it's a journal for me.

Besides, my sweet Bagley husband appreciates me assisting him with is Scouting responsibilities.

If ever you receive an email from me, or read a Blog Post, with an inordinate amount of typos... where it appears a b is missing, you are safe to assume my communique' originated from my sweet husband's computer!

Sometimes, I hate being right!

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