Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I'd Love To!"

Some of my most favorite and fun memories come from spending time with our grand-children and talking to them on the telephone.

Alona, at 6 years old, has become quite a conversationalist. Whether talking in person or on the telephone, it's fun to hear about what she is learning in school and fun things they do together as a family. She is very matter of fact and knowledgeable about the subject of conversation.

Abbi is usually hovering in the background when her Mommy and I are talking on the telephone and I can hear her sweet little voice saying ...

"I wanna say hi."

"Can I say hi?"

"Can I please say hi?"

When I do talk to her, she always tells me where she is at the moment and what she is doing. I like to ask her what she is learning at home and which letter they are learning about. She tells me all that she remembers.

Kacen is a 'Yes' man. No matter the question, his answer is usually an enthusiastic 'Yes!'.

We phoned Grandpa Honey the other day and Honey asked "Is this Abbi?"

Kacen replied, "Yes!"

When we have the opportunity to talk to Kellie, who is 2 1/2 years old, on the telephone I'm chuckling the remainder of the day.

She is usually so animated about what she is telling us and the excitement comes through so well in her voice. Yesterday she was very excitedly telling me she was going to go bowling with the Elders that evening and then in an almost dead pan voice she tagged on "I had oatmeal."

Mama had to translate that one for me; it came out of no where!

Grandpa wasn't home when Kellie was telling me about her upcoming bowling activity with the Elders. When he returned home I encouraged him to call Kellie and ask her where she was going that evening.... but he had to ask Kellie, not her Mama.

Naturally, Laura answered the telephone when he called so when he asked if he could speak with Kellie we heard Laura ask "Do you want to talk to Grandpa?"

Her reply?

"I'd love to!"

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