Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Aaahs!

Aaah! It's April.

I love April.

I love the spring bulbs that begin decorating our gardens.

I love the clear blue skies and warmer temperatures.

I love the opportunity to get out in the gardens and clear away the remnants of seasons past.

I love being able to participate in general conference.

I just love the refreshing feeling of rebirth and renewal.

Our family has a few April birthdays.

Miss Maddi was born 04/04/04! How cool is that birth date?!

Maddi's Aunt Melissa's birthday is the very next day, April 5th. Melissa is my second niece. Melissa's mother is my sister - Charmalee. I'll always remember Melissa's birthday because she was born shortly after we (my parents, younger siblings and I) moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. We were still staying in a hotel. I was lying in bed (sharing a room with my parents) trying to cover my eyes and ears to block out the program my parents were watching on the tele. I don't remember the actual name of the movie but it was about Charles Manson and his horrific crime.

Needless to say, Melissa is nothing like the aforementioned sicko.

Melissa is gentle, kind, loving, giving and patient. The oldest of 7 children she was the nurturing sister. Like most older siblings, she had lots of responsibilities at home. The friendship she has with each of her sisters, and her brother, is a testament to how well she fulfilled her role as older sister!

Aunt Marlene, my Mother's sister, celebrates her birthday April 7th. We haven't had the privilege of having Aunt Marlene in our lives until these past few months. Thanks to the efforts of family history, we've been able to connect with her (she lives in California) and look forward to the opportunity of getting to know her and her family much better!

My Grandpa Blakeley's birthday is in April, too. Robert Grant Blakeley is my Dad's Dad! Grandpa was a gardener, woodworker, tool and die maker, tall and all around great man! He passed away the year I graduated from high school.

Grandpa had a woodworking shop in his basement. When we would go to visit, which was almost every Sunday, I loved going downstairs to see what he was working on. The smell of sawdust still conjures up memories of my Grandpa.

He would make us doll furniture and other fun toys. He made a set of scale model wagons for his children and friends. I inherited the stage coach and chuck wagon.

Grandpa also loved to grow fruits and vegetables in his garden. As a child I remember thinking he was so cool because he grew cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes. Hmmm, they were soooo yummy!

Grandpa was the shopper in their empty nest. He spoiled Grandma and his grandchildren. Grandma loved not having to go to the grocery store and we loved the cookies Grandpa always had on his kitchen counter. That was the place we headed to first whenever we went over for a visit.

My Grandpa also loved collecting books (especially first editions) and comic books. We were allowed to read his comic books whenever we were there. I loved going in his bedroom and lying on his bed while I read his newest editions! It was great fun.

Grandpa and Grandma Blakeley also gave us the opportunity to learn to work and earn money. They would hire us to do their spring cleaning and paid us minimum wage. We learned how to wash walls, clean cabinets and wash windows with newspaper and vinegar water. It was hard work but always great to collect our earnings!

Brandon Clark Bagley will be celebrating his 21st birthday this April 17th.

It's hard to believe our caboose is turning 21!

Brandon is the quiet one in our family. Behind that quiet demeanor you'll find a very intelligent, talented, funny, kind, loving guy.

Brandon gives the best hugs!

Brandon writes music and produces his own music CDs. His new age style of music is one of my favorites so it's fun to listen to his tracks.

I love Easter too! Which usually falls in April.

Of course, as an adult, I love it for it's real significance, the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I also love it for the fun celebration of Spring!

This year Val and I will be hiding to host our fourth annual Bagley Easter Egg Hunt! A hunt for our adult children and grandchildren, too!

April would be so much sweeter if it weren't also tax time! Nothing like the government to put a damper on an otherwise wonderful month.

Happy Easter
Happy Spring
Happy, Happy Everything!

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Crunchy Chick said...

I'm so sad to be missing out on the Great Bagley Easter Celebration 2009. Find some funky colored eggs for me! :)