Friday, March 6, 2009

Much ado About March!

March is a wonderful month for many wonderful reasons.

I love the sense of awakening March offers.

Today I can see crocus blooming in my winter weary gardens while in the distance see the beautiful snow capped mountains.

I Love Spring!

I Love Spring Flowers!

I Love Warmer Temperatures!

March is the birth month of.....

Andrew James Bagley, our 4th child, was born March 6, 1986.... which means... Andrew turned 23 this year.

Andrew prefers to go by Andy but I usually slip and refer to him as Andrew. Can't help it really. It seems when I've been introduced to someone, or know them by their given name, nicknames are hard for me to adopt.

Andrew is very tender-hearted. He is athletically inclined, loves modern technology, movies and his beautiful wife Natalie!

He attained the rank of Eagle Scout and served an honorable LDS mission in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission.

When Andrew was 5 or 6 he started to play AYSO Soccer. He was the cutest little guy with an infectious smile and ears that were bigger than his smile. He loved soccer and was good at it except... when his shoes came untied! You see, he couldn't yet tie his own shoe laces. When a lace would come untied he would run over to the sidelines for help, smiling all the while!

One of Andrew's love languages is Receiving Gifts. Determining his love language was very easy. Why? Well, here are a few hints...

  • The day after Christmas he'd start letting us know what he'd like as a birthday gift!

  • The advertising sections were his favorite part of the Sunday papers. Especially in the months and weeks leading up to Christmas!

  • As a courtesy, he would often remind us how many days before his birthday and Christmas!

Andrew is a wonderful son whom I love. We appreciate all of the joy he brings to our family, too.

Two of my nieces also have birthdays in March...

Jordan Alex Earl (youngest of the Earl Girls!) was born on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1988. This year she'll be the big 21! Although Jordan is petite, she was a big baby... 10lbs.!

From the time she could talk, when she woke up in the mornings, and even from her naps, she would always ask for a cookie. Jordan and her older sister Courtnee participated in FFA Horticulture Program and became accomplished florists. even competing on a national level.

Jordan is the only child living at home these days. Her bedroom is bright pink with assorted sizes and colors of polka dots on her walls!

She's pretty hip, that young one!

Natalie, Jordan's second oldest sister, was born almost ten years earlier on March 26, 1978. Natalie is Taber's Mom. She has beautiful eyes, especially when she smiles.

March is the month my cute husband makes a pilgrimage to Chicago for the annual Haunted House Convention. Can you believe there is a HHC?

It's part of the annual Spring Gift Show.

Val always loves going but loves coming home even more.

In March, 1957 my Mom was carrying me around in her womb!

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