Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleepovers and Sisters

On our way home from Ogden, Grandpa and Kacen sat next to each other in the car and enjoyed each others company, lots! Sometimes I would here Kacen say "Again" repeatedly and then at other times he could be heard saying "Don't Grandpa."

That Grandpa, he can be silly and fun and pesky all at the same time. Controlling the movements of Kacen's hands, Grandpa and Kacen would do 'Cheers'. You know... Rah, Rah, Shish Boom Bah... Gooooo Kacen! Which would garner an "Again".

"Don't Grandpa" could be heard when Grandpa was playing with Kacen's ears and neck. It's no fun when getting tickled against your will!

If you've seen the movie White Christmas, with Bing Crosby, you may recall the song Sisters. Well, I've been chuckling and thinking of that song ever since we had our sleepover, in December after going to see the Ogden City Lights!

Paul had to go home after our trip to Ogden, that darn homework, and so Heather and the children spent the night. Alona, Abbi and Kacen slept on the floor in Grandpa's dressing, exercise room. While trying to get them settled in I found a CD of beautiful Christmas songs which were performed with flutes. Knowing it has relaxing qualities, I turned it on and turned off the lights. A bit later I could here voices coming from the room so I peeked inside. Abbi was chatting away. I asked if they would prefer the door open or closed? Naturally, I received different replies from the sisters. Alona then let me know "Abbi always wants the door closed and I always want it open." So, I left it open a little. Even later on I walked past thier room and still heard a sweet, angelic voice and peeked my head in again. Alona saw me and said. "I always want to go to sleep but Abbi always keeps talking and talking." I couldn't help but smile.

Sharing a room with a chatty sister reminds me of my childhood years sharing a room with TWO sisters. Two sisters with white mice, cat skulls, perfectly dyed Easter Eggs - yellow, it looked really pretty perched on the soda bottle. It just became very smelly, over time. And a clock radio set to wake us on the loudest setting!

Man! I didn't have to get up as early as my two older sisters, yet that volume didn't seem to phase them. After burying my head under my pillow, tossing and turning, trying, with futility, to go back to sleep, it was usually me who got out of bed to turn down or turn OFF the clock radio while my sisters snoozed away!

The white mice were extra creepy to share a room with because they knew how to escape from their cage. I had the hardest time going to sleep while they were in residence. Never knowing if a mouse would make it's way to my warm bed, or nibble on my feet was more than this lily liver could handle.

Sisters, Sisters.
There were never such devoted sisters.
Caring, Sharing.
All kinds of weather, we stick together.

After chatting and music, the little ones finally nodded off to sleep. The next morning we went to our ward Christmas party.... more on that later!

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