Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Caboose has Entered the Station!

That's right! Our caboose has entered the station of life. Brandon Clark Bagley is graduating from high school today. It's hard to believe our cute little freckle faced, strawberry blonde, eyelashes to die for, quiet son has reached this milestone in his life.

And he's done it with dignity and success.

Congratualtions Brandon!

You did it!


BusyMaMa said...

Love the picture! Can you believe he's graduated?? Good golly! I remember when he still had a lisp and a deep love for lego candy! Can he really be all grown-up? Just breaks my heart! (Except I'm happy at the same time. Doesn't really make sense, I know.)

Paulie said...

I wish I had one of those nifty little guys livin with me, that would be great! then we could just learn more computer fun together. I am sure he has good friends for that purpose though. I am really proud of him. I wish I would have found my determination at that point in life, who knows I may have been better off than I am now (financially that is).